02-28-22 – Episode 193

Charley is out again this week (pay your cable bill you fuckhead) so it’s just Josh and Cat guiding you through the bullshit of the world.
A Nevada assemblywomen who thinks Cancer is a “fungus that you can flush from your body”.
Apparently now women are merely “hosts” for babies and have no rights other than that of a “host”. Yes it was a Republican who said this, surprise, surprise.
In South Carolina now to be a Republican to you have to sign a pledge where you can’t look at porn, can’t have pre-martial sex or be gay in least. Yeah, this will work.
%57 of percent of Republicans want to “dismantle” the constitution and make christianity the national religion of the united states.
Sticking with moron Republicans (a somewhat redundant statement there) there is one Republican lawmaker that wants to allow children to die by faith healing and praying away cancer. Religious Freedom is how she is cloaking this.
Hart Fisher is on a tear about nickel and dimeing people to death in LA.
The NYPD is using the movie Roadhouse as a “training tool”. I am not kidding.
The LAPD wants to datamine social media and assign ALL people a “threat assessment” based on what you say online. Yeah, no way this backfires.
The Republican controlled congress just laid down new rules for the EPA that says science is not allowed in the EPA. I wish I was making this up.
Cat and Josh then discuss the impact of the “drug war” and how it has made America a worse place than the drugs themselves ever did.
Music by 45 Grave, Crashdiet and Lard.